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Ajala the traveler animated short

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We’ve been working in the past few weeks on a short explainer video based on the life and times of the fabled sojourner – Ajala the Traveler.

An old wives tale? Maybe. But our short expose is sure to shed more light on the life and times of this Legendary yoruba boy.


We’re Hiring! (Art Director)

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We need a dope Art Director!

Job Description:

Reporting to the Operations Director, the Art Director assist the Studio Art Director with inspiring and driving the studio’s artistic vision and strategy across all of the studio’s projects and teams, to help ensure the success of the art teams and to further the studio’s overall business goals. The Art Director directs, coordinates and facilitates multiple business and artistic processes to enhance the division’s core business and standards of high-quality in accordance with the vision of the Studio.

The Art Director works closely with the studios Technical Director, and Product Development Director on the realization of our internal production, as well as playing a pivotal role in the development of studio’s training and recruitment efforts.



  • Enforce the artistic organization of the company.
  • Be a role model for the company culture.
  • Responsible for the artistic direction, operations and processes for multiple projects.
  • Plans and maintains art production schedules in collaboration with the Studios Art Director Project Managers and/or the Product Development Director for multiple projects simultaneously at different stages of development.
  • Develop and track metrics and success criteria for all artistic programs and activities; develop benchmark criteria to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of departments; implement improvements as required.
  • Recognizes and solves problems affecting art production including schedules, staff, quality, and order of production process.
  • Maintain knowledge of new and emerging technologies and techniques to propose and recommend new methods to improve manageability and reliability.
  • Executes and facilitates multiple re-engineering and process improvement initiatives related to the enhancement of the division’s art production and high-quality.


Skills & Requirements

  • Exceptional track record of developing and implementing artistic policies and strategies that have consistently met or exceeded planned objectives, providing personal leadership through example.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with colleagues and staff to create results driven, team oriented environment.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage artistic activities.
  • Strong proficiency with the most commonly used art software.
  • The ability to manage multiple, complex projects within demanding timeframes.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Animation or a technology field (e.g., Computer Science; Computer Engineering)

We’re Hiring (Riggers)

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Our 3D and 2D Rigger spots are open at the moment!

As the Rigger, you will be working closely with the art & production teams and will be responsible for creating animation rigs for characters, creatures, props and vehicles. The rigger must be attuned to the needs of a production pipeline.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Work closely with the Lead Artist and Art Director to ensure that the rigging is pipeline friendly and that it is intuitive and responsive.
  • Work with production team to meet project schedules and ensure successful delivery of the rigs
  • Troubleshoot rigging issues to ensure standards are met


Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Good communicating skills
  • Ability to work collaboratively and communicate with multiple teams
  • Ability to troubleshoot rig setups/scripts
  • Understanding of scripted controllers and expressions
  • Has experience in various rig setups, eg: bipedal, winged characters etc.
  • Proficient in either 3DsMax or Autodesk Maya; preferably Maya


Bonus points:

BS/MS in Computer Science, Animation or a related field

Basic frontend web development (JS, HTML, CSS, AJAX)

A strong open source presence (send us your profile links!)


We’re Hiring (2D / Concept Artist)

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Job Description

Reporting to the Lead Artist and Art Director, the 2D/Concept Artist works within a team of artists to create 2D assets necessary for monthly content pushes and milestones. The 2D/Concept Artist is able to maintain and manage high levels of quality while working in a rapid, rigorous, and timely manner; has advance/ intermediate texturing and or concept art and illustration experience in addition to knowledge of art processes and production pipeline. The 2D/Concept artist’s main responsibilities will be creating illustrations, textures and/or concept art.


As well as the technical knowledge, we need people that get it – people who can figure things out by themselves but know when to yell for help. Cutting down and simplifying complex problems with interfaces which make them appear straightforward.


Skills & Requirements

  • Duties and Responsibilities…
  • Ability to visualize and conceive objects, characters or other elements in a way that contributes to the overall visual quality of the production.
  • Communicates regularly with the Lead Artist regarding the status of current tasks; obtains Lead Artists guidance and approval as required to advance tasks, project initiatives and milestones.
  • You’ll be expected to continue to refine artistic abilities and learn new software packages and / or in-house tools.
  • Contributes effectively in a team-oriented environment.




  • Expert in at least three areas of 2D artistic production.
  • High level of drawing and illustration skills, able to work in both digital and traditional medium.
  • Have a high understanding in Anatomy, perspective, lighting and rendering.
  • Ability to visualize perspective and 3-dimensional space.
  • Have a vast imagination, Ability to visualize and interpret other people ideas.
  • Proficient with the software packages and tools of the games industry.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with colleagues and staff to create results driven, team oriented environment.


Hi there!

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